Abyssal's Reign TCG

Upcoming Simultaneous Turn Card Game


Abyssal's Reign is a card game where both players take their turns at the same time. Players cannot see the result of their opponent's actions until both players have ended their turns.

Once both players end their turns, battle, spells, and other player actions unfold in sequence. A core part of Abyssal's Reign is anticipating the opponent's moves, and baiting them into decisions that benefit your own strategy.

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Made by gamers, for gamers

The allure of Abyssal's Reign lies not only in the mastery of your own deck but also in the art of predicting and countering your opponent's strategies. With every turn, the tension mounts as you anticipate their next move, probing for weaknesses to exploit and opportunities to seize. Will you lure them into a trap, baiting them with false openings, or will you unleash an unexpected onslaught that catches them off guard?
In Abyssal's Reign, we ensure that each card contributes meaningfully to the gameplay experience. Every card is designed with purpose, whether it's a creature with specialized abilities, or a spell with game-changing effects. Each card presents players with meaningful choices and opportunities to shape their tactics.
We take pride in the meticulous design and captivating beauty of our cards. Each card is crafted with care, featuring stunning artwork and intricate details that enhance the immersive experience of the game. Every aspect of our cards is thoughtfully considered to evoke a sense of wonder and intrigue. Our cards not only serve as strategic tools but also as works of art that players can admire and appreciate as they delve into the depths of gameplay.

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